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Business to Consumer E-Marketing

Since beginning in 2000 we have launched 6 special interest online clubs. Our business is email marketing. 

A number of free to join, special interest online clubs which gather like-minded people together to present a receptive audience for many new media marketing needs. 

c.410,000 members

A blooming good site for all gardeners 

c.520,000 members

A first class stop for all travellers

c.370,000 members

A perfect home for living ideas

c.410,000 members

A signpost to all the latest motoring views

c.310,000 members

A classic blend of news from the world of wine

c.275,000 members

A clever answer to email marketing questions

We have a continuously growing and loyal membership base. The Clubs provide information and advice, new ideas, discounts and offers, links to related sites, exclusive deals and free to enter competitions. Contact is maintained through regular email and club newsletter activity.

Services available from our ‘Consumer Clubs’

The active members with whom we have direct contact provide us with an effective and cost efficient E-marketing service. The main benefits in using Web-Clubs b2c email marketing can be summarised as:  

  • The personalised, trusted relationship a club has with its members is the key to our successful E-marketing.
  • The club format enables us to break through traditional email barriers and add a new dimension to normal permission based communications.
  • Clients are offered an economic, bespoke marketing service to a predisposed, receptive audience through advertorial feature in the regular email club newsletter, or through dedicated solus e-shot broadcasts.


  • Consumer Clubs email campaigns will generally work out between £5 and £10 per thousand sent.
  • Actual pricing depends on volume and the pricing model, CPA (Cost Per qualified Action), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPL (Cost Per Lead) or a combination (hybrid model).
  • Campaigns can be targeted geographically, by areas of interest, age range and gender.

There are various alternatives available to you as a ‘Consumer Clubs’ user 

By far the most popular option is a stand-alone email with your creative under a club brand banner. If, however, you do not have email creative available or prefer to have a bespoke email created for you we are always happy to prepare email creative using expertise sourced from many years of email marketing activity. Or, if you prefer we can send the creative to a specific club with no banner or direct club association. 

In addition to the 6 specific interest clubs available in our ‘Consumer Clubs’, we have two general service clubs recruited from the specialist clubs: ‘Club Offer’ and ‘NET Offers’. 

         c.625,000 general consumers drawn from the 6 vertical clubs

Whatever option fits best with your E-marketing requirements, all emails can be personalized for each individual recipient in a format of your choosing. 

All emails created by Web-Clubs conform to industry standards and best practices and compliant with EU directives on direct marketing to consumers. 

Bespoke email design service

We can design an email specifically for you for your exclusive use with our email marketing service. Moreover, there is no additional cost for this creative service for both html and text versions when using our Consumer Clubs email marketing resource.

 Consumer Club Portfolio 

Basic Demographics

Below is an approximate demographic breakdown of our membership. All numbers are worked out from the unique membership of Web-Clubs.

There will be differences between one club and another - e.g. the number of males in the Motorists Club is higher than the number of females, whilst the number of members aged fifty or above is much higher in the Gardeners Club than in the Quiz Club.

For this reason, we ask that if you require an accurate count please email [email protected] and we will endeavour to respond to your request at our earliest possible opportunity.