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Email Marketing – Our Heritage 

  • The email market has shown enormous growth in recent years and is set to continue expanding its reach, frequency and quantity. There have been many reasons for the surge of email activity and why this medium will continue to be buoyant and so important to many marketers. It is directly measurable and relatively low cost and can be a highly effective and efficient ROI. 
  • Since 2000, when Web-Clubs was one of the pioneers of email marketing, we have gained invaluable experience: what works; what pitfalls to avoid; the importance of testing, targeting and reducing waste; creative email best practice; expectations against realistic returns – in summary, how to put together a successful email marketing solution. 
  • Web-Clubs has been at the forefront of email marketing services and solutions responsible for the successful implementation of hundreds of campaigns sending tens of millions of emails. We know what works and what doesn’t: we can bring this expertise to provide you with the very best, most professional and above all most productive email marketing solution for your business.  
  • We can design and create your email, plan the campaign, select the target audience, manage the send, measure the performance and provide full results and assessment. 

  • When it comes to email marketing requirements we can do as little or as much as you need. We offer more than just providing an email platform.

We provide Email Marketing Services to both the “Business to Consumer” and “Business to Business” markets. See our dedicated sections in the Web-Clubs website: Consumer Clubs and B2B Club.

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Email Marketing – a cost effective E-Marketing tool 

  • “What does it cost?” Answer: “Where’s that piece of string?” It all depends on what you want and the extent of your requirements – from a one-off bespoke email design to a complete email marketing strategy and campaign implementation. 
  • Consumer Clubs email campaigns will generally work out around £5 to £10 per thousand send (depending on quantity), whether on a fee basis, or cost per click, or cost of lead/acquisition. 
  • B2B Club campaigns are more expensive and will typically range from around £10 to £50 per thousand send, again, depending on quantity. 
  • We will often prepare exclusive email creative for clients free of charge. 

  • To be effective, an email needs to get to the right target and be seen. With so much ‘noise’ in the email market place it is difficult for an email message to be ‘heard’. So confident are we of our email performance credentials, we guarantee a minimum 10% open rate on every email sent to our consumer members and 20% minimum open rate on any business targeted email we send.