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Social networking – An Overview

The choice of digital tools to promote your business is constantly changing and expanding. The problem is that if you have a business to run it can be hard to find the time to learn about, never mind implement new digital strategies.

Social Networking is at the forefront of communication. Our online team know how to use Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter to get people to start talking and mentioning your business. For some companies, the Social Networking scene has transformed how they market their business. Don’t get left behind in these important areas as a way of promoting your business. See our section on ‘Online Services’ under our Web Solutions section.

Social Media Options

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. are at the forefront of communication, giving users the ability to communicate to an ever-expanding audience. They are particularly popular with the younger generation often accessed just using smartphones.
  • With Social Networking advertising, advertisers can target ads based on user demographic information.

  • Consumers can interact with companies on such networks, which is more personal and interactive compared to traditional promotion.
  • Your business can take advantage of this new opportunity; allowing your message to grow virally, exposing the benefits of your services as well as keeping up with queries and customer feedback.
  • But, there are downsides, to take advantage requires continuous activity which not everyone can manage. Our team can advise you whether it’s the right strategy for you, and if so help you the get started.

Social Media Marketing and Management for SMEs and Start-Ups

With 31 million people in the UK logging onto Facebook each day and 15 million on Twitter, it’s becoming more and more important for companies to be active online. Social Media gives you a platform to speak directly with your customers, reach your target audience and strengthen your brand.

In the last couple of years Facebook has begun to monetise business pages, and in order to stop an overload of companies and products spamming your timeline every day, they have introduced a tool called Reach. Average reach allows only a small percentage of people who’ve liked your page to see your posts. Companies can now pay for broader Reach, but whilst this tool, if used correctly can be great, any seasoned Social Media manager will tell them there are plenty of insider secrets and ways to get round it without paying. Overall, strong Reach comes from good management, engaging content and most importantly, consistency. An organic approach that is far more sustainable and economically viable.

With our knowledge and experience, we have recently introduced a new service to launch social networks for SMEs, whilst teaching them everything they need to know about managing their pages and running a great Social Media Campaign. The service works over the course of a month and includes the following;

- Launching Social Networks

- Social Network Design Solutions

- Tailoring an online voice for the business

- Monitoring page analytics and changing content accordingly

- Username/Password Handover

- 3 weeks’ of Content Diaries

- Social Network Engagement Sheet 

- Consistency in image size, types of post etc. 

 - Gaining high Facebook Reach

Over the 4 week service you will learn; 

- How to keep your reach high 

- How to manage a campaign using content diaries and engagement sheets 

- The best practice for your networks 

- What and When is engaging for your audience 

- How to manage a page and much more. 

Alternatively, knowing that most companies don’t have time to manage the day to days of their social networks, we also offer a Social Media Management package at a monthly rate. After the initial set up, agreed online voice and aesthetic. We’ll use weekly content diaries to keep you in the know about what’s being posted and when. Weekly engagement sheets will show what your customers have been engaging with and how this is affecting the growth of your pages. Along the way, we can look into Customer Outreach Strategies and Reactive Content ideas which put a much bigger focus on finding new customers and clients. 

If you are familiar with all this then you are probably well on your way of providing best practice on Social Media strategy for your business. But, if this a little new or even leaves you a bit ‘bewildered’ you need to give us a call right away! Social Media is a powerful tool your business cannot ignore!