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Website Design – More than Design

The importance of having a good website
  • Presentation, presentation, presentation – your website, even if just a single page, is your shop window to the world – make sure it presents your business as well as it should.
  • First impressions in the online business community are all important as is the ease of navigation around your website. A well-designed and structured site is essential.
  • Your website needs to work for you: driving your business forward. This is where our dedicated Web Solutions teams’ decades of experience in both “Business to Consumer” and “Business to Business” E-marketing can help. By using this experience we can advise you how to translate your business goals into a relevant and workable online presence, delivering real benefits to your business.

 Website Design Portfolio  

Once you have a good website, then it needs to be found

  • Establishing a website is one step, getting people to visit it is another. Our skill in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one aspect, helping to get you found in “Google” searches.
  • Whether you require a website delivering just “Business Card” presence, displaying your key business features and contact details, or you require a more complex website that may need to neatly dovetail into the backend computer functionality, the Web Solutions team can deliver, providing you with a stunning online shop window.

Our range of website design services
  • Perhaps, you want a website designed for a community, a club, a society, for personal use or for use at home – we can provide a cost effective and dynamic solution that is guaranteed to be simple to use and update for yourself and others.
  • The Content Management System (CMS) is the heart of the website, managing the online data – how the data is displayed, accessed, stored and retrieved. Web Solutions base their sites on WordPress a leading provider. It is at the forefront of web technology offering an incredibly broad range of designs and capabilities.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Users of search engines like Google are more likely to click on an entry on its first-page - this is where you want to be!
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method of analysing and constructing websites to get a high placement in search engine results. Maintaining a high position requires ongoing attention due to competitive sites being updated and to the occasional changes in search engine logic and ‘rules’.
  • We aim to provide you with the right guidance to get your business its optimum status on the highly competitive first-page position.
  • Nobody can offer guarantees that they can get you the number one position and keep you there, but we can promise to improve your website visibility with our proven SEO capabilities.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Your website can become a revenue generator.
  • If you include other companies advertising or lead generation tools on your website, your website can possibly generate income based for example on the number of clicks, leads or orders as a result of going through your site.
  • Usually using display ads, banner ads or text links, Affiliate Marketing uses HTML or JavaScript links to send your visitor to the website you are promoting, these links contain tracking information so that the advertiser can calculate how much to pay you.
  • We can set up and manage websites with this capability. 

Keyword Advertising

  • Have you noticed that when you search for something on “Google,” adverts relevant to your query appear! Adwords is the brains (and a key source of income for Google) - it looks for keywords in your search and matches this to adverts that appear.
  • The overall pricing model is complex, the all-important “price per click,” is based on the popularity of the keyword and of the ad. Although the figure can initially look low, poor keyword selection can result in a lot of “useless” clicks, so costs rapidly mount up.
  • Despite the hype, Adwords is not the advertising panacea. It’s reactive only and unless you can afford the prized keywords, or you operate in a highly specialised area with few competitors, it is unlikely to be cost effective.
  • It is not for everyone and requires careful implementation. We have the expertise to advise you.